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Duncan Ag rolls out new machinery offering

Combining two strong New Zealand machinery manufacturers into one business is a win:win for all involved, including customers.

That’s the message from South Canterbury agritech specialist Duncan Ag, which bought Agmech of Christchurch earlier this year and has now integrated all Agmech machinery lines into its own range of quality built machines designed for NZ conditions

The move means Duncan Ag customers can choose from over 60 NZ-made forage feeders, farm feed trailers, heavy trailers, manure spreaders and effluent tankers as well as Duncan’s own range of forage machines and tine and disc drills.

It also strengthens Duncan Ag’s position as a NZ-based manufacturer, and provides more opportunity for year-round production, says operations manager Richard Jamieson. 

With its focus on robust build quality, farmer-driven design and local manufacture, Agmech was an ideal fit to expand Duncan Ag’s capacity and offering both in NZ and offshore, complementing its existing range of forage bale feeders and adding the extra lines of effluent and manure spreaders.

“These are strong, well designed machines which are function very well but aren’t too complex. With the amount of hay and silage being moved and fed out by contractors and farmers these days, we expect there will be quite a lot of interest from these markets.”

The new lines will be subject to the same on-going evaluation and improvement that characterises Duncan Ag’s existing product development process, and likewise will also be customisable, Jamieson says

“We’ll do some changes to the product range to enhance it even further, both in terms of manufacturing and for end users as well.”

A key benefit for customers will be the sheer diversity of the new combined offering, providing one of the largest single integrated ranges of its type in the country, via Duncan Ag’s NZ dealer network.

“There’s no shortage of choice, that’s for sure,” Jamieson says. “We can now provide the machinery necessary for everything from sowing seed to transporting forage, feeding out and disposing of manure slurry.”

Included in the Duncan Agmech range are:

  • Three models of trailers from 3 to 15 tonne with single to triple axel assemblies.
  • Loadmaster farm trailers, for general farm use, silage kit available. 
  • Sitemaster trailers more suitable for heavy duty use as well as moving shingle
  • U shaped body trailers for heavy duty contracting trailers 
  • Jumbo tub feeders suitable for round bales , from 2 to 6 bale with self loading forks 
  • Single bale 3 point linkage feeders as well as trailing two bale feeders and shredders
  • Multi bale feeders, suitable for round, square, drop and pit silage. The ultimate multipurpose feeder from 3 to 6 bale machines.
  • Rotary manure spreaders from 2500 L to 6500 L capacity
  • Slurry tankers from 5500 L TO 21000 L

Forage wagons for pit silage from 10 to 31 m/3